The Little Toy Piano that Could

This lovely little toy piano has been a member of my parent’s home since before I can remember. These days it falls under the jurisdiction of my 4-year old niece, who was ever so kind as to allow me to record it!

It has a fabulous tinkling and out-of-tune carnival sort of sound, and I wanted to capture that before the piano was destroyed altogether:

Little Toy Piano

About the instrument: The piano’s range is from F#1 – E3. The only pitching that was used is to mark the in-between black keys, since they were only painted onto the actual piano. Each note is associated with 3 samples which play according to velocity, except for F#1 which has only 2 velocity sensitivities.

Enjoy! And if you want to send me a link to what you’ve done with the piano in the comments below, I surely would love to hear them :).


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